Ask the Trainer: Solving Common Housebreaking Problems

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My previously written housebreaking article can be found . ?When in doubt, we want to keep things simple and adhere to the basics. ?It is unusual for a housebroken dog to all of a sudden begin having accidents. If they went to the bathroom, great! ?If they did not, then there is a higher chance for an accident to occur inside. Accidents inevitably will occur, and when they do, it?s because we made a mistake?not the dog. ?In order to mitigate this, make sure it is ?all business? when you take your dog out to the bathroom. Please also become a fan of Steve on Facebook at 1172 SHARES Related Items: Recommended for you 3 Comments 3 Comments Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. In order to elaborate on my previous article, I am going to provide a short Q&A to the most common questions. . ?However I only use food and treats from . ?They become easily distracted when outside and forget to go to the bathroom. ?Instead, you are using your own program. ?Once again, if you are following another housebreaking program or a variation of my protocol, then these questions and answers may not hold true. Dog Training in Westchester, NY. ?Which you will then have to troubleshoot and adjust in accordance with your unique approach. ? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. ?Not only is it unfair to try and do so, but it?s completely ineffective. If you alter the program, then you are NOT following my program. ?This results in accidents when they are back in the home. R. ?I suggest you read it thoroughly. ?What dog food do you see the greatest success with?? The topic of dog food is surprisingly controversial and garners a very heated debate. ?When adhered to consistently and precisely, my basic couple with these Q&A?s, are exactly what you need to successfully housebreak even the most challenging puppy or adult dog. ?You can easily get lost with all the conflicting and misinformation that you will find on the internet and from talking with other owners. ?You need to know whether they went to the bathroom and if it was ?#1? and/or ?#2?. Dog Training and to sign-up for his newsletter, visit . ?To best prevent this from happening, you need to be even more vigilant with direct eye contact and supervision and/or utilize the crate until it?s time to go outside at the next interval. ?Some days she is very good about us going potty outside and other days she poops in the house or in her crate. Q&A?s ?How can I correct my dog when they have an accident in the house?? I never correct a dog for having an accident. ?My dog was previously housebroken, but now they are having accidents again in the home.? Rather, it?s far better to be proactive in preventing accidents by utilizing a clear, simple, and progressive template. ?This is often a telltale sign of an underlying health related cause. ?She is a sweet and adorable Bishon, and her only issue is the potty training. ?They can do this once they have gone to the bathroom. ?Making it a medical issue, not a training issue.? ? Debi ?LuLu is almost 2 years old. ?My dog went out at the scheduled interval, but they did not go to the bathroom. ?It is not play time, or a sniff around and investigate session, or chase the squirrel hour. ?There are many variables that impact the rate and ease at which you are able to housebreak your dog. ?They should not be playing or running around, make yourself and the whole process boring.? Instead, I follow the housebreaking protocol exactly, which prevents accidents and clearly teaches the dog where and when to go to the bathroom. ?I am not here to belabor the topic. ?Once your dog is examined by a Vet and determined to not have any health issue, then begin the housebreaking protocol. You cannot train a dog to be accident free when it is medically triggered. ?Precisely and consistently being the operant words. ?Sometimes we take her out and then she comes in and pees or poops in the house.1172 SHARES ?Maverick is 4 months old already has learned how to sit, lay shake, & speak and goes potty outside but every time I bring in back in he still pees in the house why is that. ?You will have to troubleshoot your own program accordingly. ? Steve Reid is a Certified Dog Trainer and owner of S.R.? It?s essential to never correct a puppy or adult dog for accidents, as it can lead to potentially problematic issues. Have your dog on a leash when you take them outside and don?t let them out by themselves.? ? Sharin I have received a number of questions in regards to various aspects of housebreaking. ?What should I do?? This is a very common issue for adult dogs, but especially puppies. This is my basic protocol which has proven effective with puppies and adult dogs of all ages. Required fields are marked * Comment * Name * Email * Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.? For more information about S. ?That is why I am a big proponent of training dogs using sound dog training principles. The housebreaking process is an inevitability that plagues so many owners. ?It is successful for all those who have implemented it precisely and consistently. ?Take them to the same area to go the bathroom (smelling themselves should encourage them to go again) and allow about 15 minutes to go to the bathroom, then return inside. ?This is an individual decision that you should consult with your Veterinarian on. ?What should I do?? Take your dog to the Vet for a comprehensive medical exam. ?Unfortunately I can?t address each one individually, so in order to help all those struggling, I am going to tackle the topic in its entirety

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