Will the 12 Dogs of Christmas Find Homes for the New Year?

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12 dogs of christmas

Born in 2010, Marcie has the energy of a younger dog, perfectly balanced with the laid-back spirit of a mature gal. Though he?s a bit picky with his doggy friends, Norman can get along with the right pals. Can be affectionate, cuddle, and give kisses? 3.A. (Spoiler alert, she thinks she is a lap dog!) If you are in the mood to Netflix, Ivy is ready to snuggle up on the couch with you. Self-entertain with toys? 4.?? Meet Ivy, a Laid-Back Lady Looking for Love UPDATE: Ivy has finally found her forever home! There?s no poison with this Ivy! She is a gentle girl who loves to relax. Enzo?s Story:?Enzo came from a local municipal city shelter where he was overlooked for over a year. While Ivy does like to go for walks, she will also get lazy and quit walking. with flying colors, which means she has aced her basic commands, manners, plus a few tricks! She?s super treat motivated and can?t wait to learn more! Yasmine does well with tolerant doggy friends who can match her play style.? Dislikes: Not having a home and family of his own in time for the holidays. Yasmine also would love to curl up and cheer on your favorite team on TV or plug-in for a gaming session. This handsome boy has a lot of energy, so he would love a family that has the capacity to give him lots of playtime to expel it in a positive way!? Meet Snoop, a Fun-Loving Guy Looking for Playmates! UPDATE: Snoop has finally found his forever home! Snoop?s favorite activities include cuddling, getting belly rubs, and giving kisses. ? Meet Bacon Bits, a Smart and Mature Dog Ready to Learn New Tricks UPDATE: Bacon Bits has finally found his forever home! Name of Shelter:?? Age:?8?years? Type/Size/Sex:??Border Collie Mix/ Large/ Male?? Likes:??Playing, long walks, exercise to work his energy out. If you say ?It?s spa day!?, Ivy will happily receive her bath & towel off. (She promises to be a superfan of whatever teams or games you like!) She might take a snooze during the game but don?t take it personally because she will be having happy doggie dreams about her new life. During an adoption event, he met a young girl. The??was started to make the world a better place for all pets. Enzo would do best in a home without many stairs.Reportedly house trained in the home? 6. Marcie bonds with people quickly and makes human friends faster than most humans do! She?d truly make an amazing companion for a family looking for an active, mature, loving pup. He enjoys hanging out with other dogs, both big and small. As the Official Pet Food Partner of Best Friends, Wellness is proud to provide natural pet food for the animals they rescue, so they have access to the healthiest nutrition possible. We are also committed to helping the pets at?Best Friends find forever homes. Name of Shelter:?? Age:?2 year old? How long at shelter: Over 1 year? Likes: Playing with other dogs, splashing in kiddie pools and hiking with his favorite people. It?s the face of a silly, gentle doofus who has no idea what?s going on but absolutely loves you, whoever you are! This ?Italian? hunk has the calm, relaxed personality of a middle-aged dog but when he sees his favorite people, he surprises them with the energy of a big puppy, hopping up and down to let you know how happy he is to be with you.? Meet Baby Yoda, Ready to Be a Star in Your Galaxy UPDATE: Baby Yoda has found his forever home! Name of Shelter:?? Age:??5?years? How long at shelter:??Baby Yoda just arrived at Best Friends after being transferred from the Weber County Animal Shelter, but with a personality like his and those amazing Baby Yoda eyes and ears, he won?t be here long!? Type/Size/Sex:??Chihuahua /?Dacschund?Mix? Likes:? Playing,?treats of all kinds and chilling with people in a couch. He enjoys neighborhood walks, being brushed, watching TV, and he has a BIG heart, obvious with his appreciation for your affections. As our volunteers can attest, she?s a real chunk of change to pick up and carry! Fortunately, Ivy doesn?t mind getting picked up, as she LOVES to be cuddled. Once he gets to know people, he wags his tail and jumps up and down with excitement. Meet Norman, an Agility Superstar Looking for a Family to Love UPDATE: Norman has finally found his forever home! Norman is a scruffy fun-sized lap dog. I come with my own wagon for easy transportation! Name of Shelter or Rescue Organization:?? Age:?10 years? Likes:?Long walks in the park, giving kisses, snack time, feeling like a queen, being the center of attention? Sheena?s Story:?She came to us from our city municipal shelter, we don?t know much about her before that. She has been adopted on a couple different occasions between now and 2016, but she hasn?t quite found her happily ever after. Meet Yasmine, a Freckle-Faced Gal that Loves Life Picture this: you?re walking down the sidewalk with a beautiful girl by your side. Nas is currently located at a boarding facility and working with a trainer to learn some new skills. She?s almost always smiling, showing off an adorably crooked underbite, which undoubtedly adds to her charm.?Will do well in different types of homes. Food motivated and takes treats gently? 9. And when they do, we want their first meal to be from us, so we send their new families home with free Wellness pet food. He really does love attention. Enzo can?t wait to meet you! Name of Shelter or Rescue Organization:? Age:?About 6 years Likes:?All people! Smiling from ear-to-ear. Plus, if you adopt one of our ?12 Dogs of Christmas,? they?ll send a PAWsome gift basket filled with Wellness Natural food and treats for your newest furry family member, too! 110 SHARES Related Items: Recommended for you Click to comment Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. If you sit with him, he?ll lay his big, snuggly head in your lap. Could you open your heart and home to one of these very special dogs? Meet Sheena, A Senior Queen Looking for her Royal Family I?m Sheena, the most lovable dog in the world! If you?re looking for a big velvet teddy bear who will give you kisses all day, that?s me.A.?? Bacon Bits? Perfect Family:?He would benefit from having owners?that are active and committed to practicing and teaching him new tricks.? Meet Nas, an Energetic Guy Looking for an Active Family If you?re looking for an energetic pup with big, soulful eyes, Nas is the guy for you! He?s a playful, happy boy who can melt your heart with just a look. If you?ve got room in your heart and house, why not bring this special boy home? Dog?s Name:??Norman? Name of Shelter:? Age:?7?years? Likes:??Agility Courses, he?s an agility superstar! Loves showing off his tricks.?He does well with other dogs and all people he meets, too! The ?12 Dogs of Christmas? is proudly sponsored by?. ? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. for quite some time.?? Penelope?s Perfect Family: Any family that is ok with sharing space on the couch with the closest?cuddler! Also, must be ok with being greeted with the sweetest kisses!?Penelope has also demonstrated the ability to potentially live in a home with other pets. Walks nicely on a leash? 7. Because she considers herself to be the baby of the family, Ivy would appreciate a home without cats or small children. So if you are ready for a new fur child at home, Ivy is ready & waiting for you! Current weight: 63 pounds Name of Shelter or Rescue Organization:?? Age:?3 years? How long at shelter/rescue:?Almost 1 year Meet Penelope, a Sweet Senior with a Heart of Gold UPDATE: Norman has finally found his forever home! Penelope is the sweetest girl, and a big ole cuddle monster! If you?re looking for someone to cuddle with and lay on you while you sleep or watch TV, Penelope is the girl for you! She?s always excited to see you when you get home after working (and she?s great being left alone and being a good girl!) and will stick out her belly for all the belly rubs, then lay down on your leg or chest for hours, just happy to be with her humans! If you?re having a bad day, Penelope will cheer you right up with her endless amounts of love! She also loves going out for walks, practically getting hit by the door, she can?t get out fast enough! If you just look into her eyes, you can see how sweet and loving this girl is, and how this senior girl (but young in spirit!) is just longing to find her furever home. Meet Roger, a Dog-Friendly Guy with a Zest for Life! Looking for a dog who: 1. Since Best Friends pulled him, we still can?t figure out why people keep passing him by. I love long walks and relaxing in the company of people. Down for hikes, runs, and agility, but can also chill out and relax? ROGER THAT! We have a dog who fits the bill: Roger! Roger may not be perfect for small children or those who are unsteady on their feet because he often likes to jump up to say hello ? but he?s learning! He knows sit and tries sooooooo hard to be good. He is a great dog. He is very friendly with people. Loves long walks. When we told him to sit, he just backed onto the little girl?s lap and sat!! Once you meet Snoop, we think you?ll agree that Snoop is one awesome pup! If you are ready for a happy little ball of energy who loves chasing tennis balls and loving life, then this happy boy is for you! Name of Shelter:?? Age:?2 years? How long at shelter:?7 months? Likes:?belly rubs, kisses, tennis balls, meeting new people and dog friends, showing off ?sit? and ?paw? skills? Dislikes:?It?s hard to think of something Snoop dislikes ? he?s?really just?a happy guy, excited about life! Meet Marcie, an Active Senior with a Great Smile! Marcie wants a best friend, and she?s really hoping that it?ll be you! She would make a fantastic sidekick, be it on a jog, as a copilot, or just lounging around and snuggling while watching TV. He is the?most gentle?soul with the sweetest grin we?ve ever seen! He is an amazing companion on car?rides?and he loves to snuggle extra close.?? Baby Yoda?s Perfect Family:?Baby?Yoda would fit in with any family.L. Required fields are marked * Comment * Name * Email * Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Her name is Yasmine! She is a sporty girl who enjoys going for walks, hikes, doing agility activities, and nosework. Enzo is great with kids.? Meet Enzo, a Mellow Guy Looking for Snuggles Look at this face. She?s also a great leash-walker, and while sometimes she can be a bit vocal when she sees other dogs, she has made great progress since being at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and continues to impress her caregivers every day.?Bacon Bits does well with other dogs?as long as?they are properly introduced. Because pets deserve nothing less than the most nutrient-dense goodness in every bowl, starting with the first one. This sweet girl is ready for her forever family to sweep her away from her ivory (kennel) tower, so come meet her and help write the ?happily ever after? that she deserves! Name of Shelter:?? Age: 5 years old? How long at shelter: Yasmine has been with Best Friends in L. She is an older, large dog with special medical needs so she?s been a challenge to find a perfect home?for?but we know that family is out there!?She would prefer to be the only dog in a home, she also has some medical conditions that need routine care like wearing booties on walks to protect her sensitive feet, special baths and?ear?drops. Loves other dogs and can match any playstyle? 2. Yasmine passed C. Knows basic cues and some tricks? 8. . She takes treats gently and sits before getting her meals. Meet the?12 Dogs of Christmas! The Dogington Post along with our friends at??have joined forces to introduce you to 12 needy dogs in hopes that they?ll finally get noticed?and maybe get a home for the New Year! For 12 days leading up to Christmas, we featured some very deserving dogs from around the country.110 SHARES As we reach the end of 2019, many of us are reflecting on the year behind us, making resolutions and planning for a happy, healthy New Year ahead. He can?t wait to find a special person who will accept him for who he is.?? Dislikes:?Bacon Bits has not been at the shelter for as long as some others, but he doesn?t like being crated or confined to small spaces, making it important that he find a family to love soon! Bacon Bits? Story:?Bacon?Bits?came to Best Friends in Utah from the?Roosevelt?Animal Shelter?in Utah. If you need to run some errands, she?s ready to roll.S. Some are senior dogs, some have special needs, and some have been continually passed over for reasons we simply can?t understand ? but, they all deserve to spend their lives with a family of their own. She prefers to be the queen of her castle, but don?t worry, she gives more than enough love for a single pup.S. Is non-destructive? 5. He just wants somebody to love. Please call to help give this truly wonderful dog the home she deserves, Penelope can?t wait to meet you! Name of Shelter or Rescue Organization:? Age: approximately 8 years old? How long at shelter: Over 1 year Type/Size/Sex: Terrier, American Staffordshire/Mix, Medium, Female? Likes:?Kisses, wiggles and cuddles? Penelope?s Story:?Best Friends pulled Penelope from a local city municipal shelter when she was covered in an itchy skin infection that has healed nearly completely thanks to the loving care of a foster home. She is athletic, intelligent, and has the cutest freckles. In the season of love, celebration, family and togetherness, it?s impossible to ignore the millions of shelter dogs around the country holding onto hope that 2020 will be the year they finally find forever homes. Name of Shelter:??? Age:?9?years? Marcie?s perfect family:?She?d truly make an amazing companion for a family looking for an active, mature, loving pup.? Enzo is the most mellow and easygoing guy around. A big part of that involves a partnership with Best Friends Animal Society, a leading animal welfare organization dedicated to ending the killing of dogs and cats in America?s shelters. Snoop is a real love bug! Additionally, he knows ?sit? and is already kennel trained. This adorable boy also loves to take walks and do agility and show off all of his tricks. He is a very curious dog who loves to investigate his surroundings. Nas can?t wait to show off his new tricks to you! Name of Shelter:?? Age:?2 years old? How long at shelter:?almost 1 year? Likes:?Playing all day, going for runs, learning new ?good boy? skills

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